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Two and a half years after the debut ARFSYND returns with its second full-length, entitled "Hesychia". Inspired by the teachings of eastern orthodox christianity, it is a manifest of deepest pessimism and awareness of the inexorable Original Sin, that a man carries within.... Recorded at Liesmia Studio in 2010-2012 and mastered at Necromorbus by Tore Stjerna, "Hesychia" adds new elements to the canvas of ARFSYND, yet the trademark riffing and style are unmistakeably there. The album features guest vocal contributions by D. from EXCESSUM / THE ASCENDANT and Mortifer from ORCIVUS.


released April 3, 2013



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ARFSYND is a one man band from Sweden performing liturgical metal music.

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Track Name: The Lord's Acceptance
The Lord's Acceptance

This is the Lord's command: thou shalt discard anything of value
Inexorable as Death, the holiness is a glorious charade
Abandoned laws have been shattered, but the chains are still
anchored in faith - Frozen fanaticism!

We thirst for blood that is poisoned, We yearn to become soil
We, the offspring of life, may we receive The Lord's Acceptance!

Thou art reflected in the depths of our minds
Like rebels, we fall, burdened by the divine disgrace
The frames still unpainted, but the paintings are changed
- Moses is drowning !

The fruit must be gathered before the final grain falls
The Word must be followed - a lawless dogma
The king shall be crowned in a violent revolt
The clouds shall collapse - an ocean of fallen life!

In the shadow of our time
Death is enthroned in the shimmering light
Through visions of vice may we receive
The Lord's Blessings!
Track Name: Famine Feeds Famine
Famine Feeds Famine

We, who are stumbling blindly, need a sign from Thee
We have met the light, yet it only betrays us
again and again...
Exalted, we kissed the cross, and faithfully
we sang Thy Psalms.Yet we lack meaning
- God's starving children

In silence we pray for reprieve, yet the Sin
punishes us mercilessly
For he rightfully chooses his prey
and the victim is always due

The temptation burdens our freedom the burden
of human corruption. The hunger dulls the Sin
yet the Sin numbs the urge
again and again...
Hordes of famished ascetics, kneeling in vivid ecstasy
His deceitful calls gave us life
- God's starving offspring

Emaciated corpses shall spawn martyrdom
Where leprosy sprouts, fed by frustration
Let the Savior walk on the ground we plow
Where it’s constantly lush, the Era of Perdition
is starting to blossom
Track Name: Lethe’s Litany
Lethe's Litany

The judgment has come. The bitter end is approaching
Stigmatized, we are led to the bonfires and crosses
Harnessed, but wild, in the vapor, shall we repent
His atrocious creation crying in torment
God's stray sheep, fortified with the will
In collective punishment we shall be slaughtered by wolves
The Council has ruled the absolute end
Everyone is guilty in crimes against Logos

Imprisoned behind the unbreakable bars
Clenched by the almighty claws
Edict of eternal oppression
Branded with scalding cold soot

A Black throne is rising in the clouds of sulfur
A paradise ablaze at the edge of the Abyss
Crawling bodies, twisted by pain
The confessions hail like ash from the heavens
Screams drowned in smoke and prayers in fire
One last lament to life, the prince is now silent
Still, charred - our genesis is burned away
See the cosmos destroyed and forgotten by Lethe
Track Name: Death's Anti-Culture
Death's Anti-Culture

The broken seal bears witness to the end within every soul
Crumbled axioms and rules collapse to the bottomless pits
Those who have walked in the steps of the shepherd
may fall from the steep of Zion
We, who by Him are bound in guilt, welcome the
Death's anti-culture!

The purpose deceived by iniquity
Hope gave way to misanthropy
The legacy of sin empowered Satan
We raise a wall around the Palace of Nothingness

"Step aside and bow before the Cardinals of perdition
Hear the echo from the grave. Tremble before the
new gospel of the cult of Death!“

Feel how you are filled with guilt and desire
when you consume a tasteless wafer
Lost and intoxicated you shall remain
Drink from the goblet, which is ever-empty
Those who have betrayed the all-powerful oath
must be punished until the fire is quenched
The hunger is relentless, but are you still thirsty
when the Archangel offers His blood?
Track Name: Freedom Through Obedience
Freedom Through Obedience

Caught by the earthly temptations and haunted by the
original sin. Life pulsates through the emptiness, the
emptiness created by God. No matter how I turn to Thee
I see only darkness and guilt Lord, give me a sign
I was born to serve Thee blindly!

By instinct we sin inexorably
And the gap between us is growing
By will we search Hesychia
The freedom earned through obedience

The Elder has spoken:
Thou shall find thyself beyond the material
Search for the spark. Only through prayer can
the Lord meet you. And only through self-sacrifice
thou may receive mercy and live for real

Beyond humans’ doubt the Truth must be reached
We're bound to our senses, but dream of
predetermined freedom. Within each pitiful sinner
glows a shimmering light. If thou, for once, want to live
unite thyself with the Flame - God!
Track Name: The Fiery Spirit
The Fiery Spirit

Et imago hec dicebat:
Ego summa et ignea vis
que omnes viventes scintillas accendi
et nulla mortalia efflavi sed illa diiudico ut sunt
Circueuntem circulum cum superioribus pennis meis
id est cum sapientia circumvolans recte ipsum ordinavi
Sed et ego ignea vita divinitatis super
pulcritudinem agrorum flammo
et in aquis luceo atque in sole, luna et stellis ardeo

And the figure spoke thus:
I am the great and fiery power
who has kindled every living spark
and extingguished nothing mortal -
for I judge these things as they are
In circling circles with my upper wings
(that is, with Wisdom)
I fly around, ordaining all things rightly
And I am also the beatiful fields
and I glow in the water
and I burn in the sun, the moon and the stars